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Marc Brueland
« on: September 02, 2008, 02:07:51 »
Marc Brueland

While searching through compilation CDs for his DJ'ing sets, Marc stumbled across an album featuring a cover of "Walking in the Air" by the platinum selling Finnish heavy metal band, Nightwish. Remembering the song from his favorite childhood cartoon, he immediately called his mother and shared the song with her. It was a difficult time for the family and the song served as a way to bring them all together once again. Wanting to learn more about the song and the band, his mother, Georgene, began making calls to the record label... and was actually put in touch with the band members. Through telephone conversations, Marc and the band's frontman Tuomas Holopainen became close friends.

Marc traveled to Atlanta to see Nightwish perform at the Progpower concert and meet the band. During their performance, the band dedicated the song, "Walking in the Air" to him and despite the near crippling effects of his illness, he was able to briefly walk out on stage. Marc and Toumas shared a hug and Marc walked up to the microphone and said "That's my brother," to the roaring approval of the crowd, many of whom had heard his story and were moved to tears.

Inspired by the strength and courage Marc demonstrated in his battle with cancer, Nightwish began to record the song "Higher than hope" for their album "Once" as a tribute to him. The song features excerpts of dialogue from a news interview Marc did after his first operation.

Unfortunately, Marc passed away before he could ever hear his song.

Namaste... Bow before me, brothers, show your respect, then create devastation...

…When there's nothing left to say
Lake of tears will find it's way…

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Re: Marc Brueland
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2009, 12:13:02 »
ovo je bas tuzno... cula sam ovu pricu i ranije, a higher than hope bas budi neko osecanje teskobe u meni...
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Re: Marc Brueland
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2009, 15:21:40 »
Znam za ovu pricu od pre. Strasno... :'( Ali jako je lepo od Nw-a sto su uradili ovako nesto :)
Mada mi je jako zao sto su tu pesmu uzivo izvodili samo u prisustvu Marc-ove porodice. :roll: Pesma je prelepa.
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