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A five piece "Opera with rocks in it" group formed by a lusty wench and her four lovers, on the path of mental submission and taking over the world, Nightwish formed initally in the national Institute for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind in Cellsinki under the working name of Mightwish. The band also tried names such as Sonata Arctica (already taken, at the time), Nightrest, Piewish (at the suggestion of the lead singer), Sightwish (at the suggestion of the drummer), Tightwish and 'I wish I could be rich' wish. PartWish (meaning broom) was another name that came into their minds, after band leader Tommy spent hours obsessing over books about witches and their flying brooms and wondering how is it possible that in nowdays they dont use vacuum cleaners. NightWitch was the next to follow, it was suprisning well accepted with their leading vocal, but Tommy had to have it his way. One night, after intense hours of deliberation, they decided to take upon the syntagm 'night', as it best described where the band was at that moment, both mentally and musically. After trying such names as Nightrest, they retained the original word wish and thus settling on the job, with Nightwish, as morning was breaking and nightrest had already failed them...

Ostatak na...

:lol: dobri su nazivi pesama :lol: ovo je :histerija:

zamislite ovakav NW


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Gledala sam ovo....ismejala sam se do suza.... :lol:

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Isto. Brisite ovo.


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