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While Your Lips Are Still Red

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Sweet little words makes the silence
Not so young, heartfelt love not heartache
Dark hair fall, catch in the wind
Light the way, the sight of a cold world

While your lips are still red
While he’s still in silent rest
While bosom is still untouched
Unveiled on another hair
While the hand’s still without a tool
Drown into eyes while they’re still blind
Love while the night still hides the withering dawn

First day of love never comes back
Compassion, its power’s never a wasted wrong
The violin, the poet’s hand
Every thawing heart plays your theme with care

--- Quote ---The Matriarch (Lieksa!)

The Matriarch is the story of Martta, the first woman to lead the family Koppelo. The people of their village want them out and the family is forced to move. Fate calls upon Martta to lead her people to Lieksa, the city of dreams.

A long caravan moves slowly towards Lieksa through the spectacular scenery of a season´s change in Eastern Finland. Magically, on the road to Lieksa there are no other travelers, only the family and their troubles. It is up to Martta to stop the criminal habits of the family before they arrive at their new home.

Summer arrives and the family sets up camp by a lake. The delicate peace that Martta has achieved is disrupted by the return of Lazlo, the black sheep of the family who was expelled years ago. His menacing presence drives the boys of the family back to their mischievous ways of drinking, fighting and robbing. Further disrupting the peace, Lazlo manages to seduce Lara, Martta´s young daughter. A great is now unavoidable. In order to defeat Martta, Lazlo allies himself with the sinister gang of Harju. Martta fights back by summoning Niccolo, the legendary former leader of the family. However, time has not been kind to Niccolo, who has been reduced to a drunken fool. Martta and her boys rely on their own wits to defeat Lazlo without bloodshed. Victorious, they are free to go to the city of their dreams. As they approach Lieksa, they realize that home is where the heart is. They decide to return to their old village, come what may. After the troublesome exodus, the family´s happiness is overflowing.

Director: Markku Pölönen
Script: Markku Pölönen
Cinematography: Jan Nyman
Sound design: Heikki Innanen
Set design: Pete Neuvonen
Costums: Tiina Kaukanen
Make-up: Riikka Virtanen
Cast: Peter Franzén, Sanna-Kaisa Palo, Samuli Vauramo, Jenni Banerjee, Heikki Kinnunen, Kaarina Turunen, Elina Knihtilä, Lotta Lehtikari, Puntti Valtonen, Tuomas Uusitalo, Toni Wahlström, Tatu Siivonen
Shooting: February – March 2007
Premiere: September 14, 2007
Distribution in Finland: Buena Vista International Finland
Financing TV company: YLE
Budget: 1,4 Million €
Total Support of The Finnish Film Foundation: 500 000 €
Production: Suomen Filmiteollisuus SF
Tel. +358 40 7633 708
--- End quote ---

super je pesma....

Vidim da Tuomas peva pratecje i da sheta, ali jel ono Anette u zutom na 01:10 od pocetka?


--- Quote from: Ninoslav on June 16, 2007, 14:10:26 ---Vidim da Tuomas peva pratecje i da sheta, ali jel ono Anette u zutom na 01:10 od pocetka?

--- End quote ---

jbt, mislim da jeste.....dobro si primetio....

Znaci ovako, da se ne mucite:


Ukoliko vam ne radi video, treba vam FLV player. Skinite ga, instalirajte, video koji ste skinuli sa sajta naseg preimenujte da bude lips.flv umesto lips.avi i pustite u FLV playeru.

Velicina: 10.5 MB


(mp3, 128kbps, ripped from video)

Velicina: 4.12 MB

Sad mozete svi da cujete, cak i ovi koji imaju dialup, spot je 10 MB a pesma 4 MB, to nije veliko...


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