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An unusual view in the paddock at Formula 1 race in Sao Paulo: No hot girls wearing short skirts at all but hordes of long haired black dressed guys! The distrustfully weird vistas faded away when Heikki Kovalainen welcome his guests and introduced them to his colleague and new World Champion Lewis Hamilton: NIGHTWISH, one of the most successful metal bands these days! German Echo Award winner and nominated for best European act at the upcoming MTV-Awards on Saturday. Holopainen, founder of the band: "I am amazed about the entire event. Heikki let us pick up 7:30am at the hotel already and he showed us the paddock and the command centre. Further he explained us his car and introduced us to Lewis Hamilton and he even loves our music!" Hilarious: The new World Champion is a metal fan! Even though there was no metal played at all at the VIP-afterparty but disco classics, with Hamiltons father behind the turntables. He was entertaining the guest as DJ. Even First aid skills are in his repertoire as one of the crew guys got a black out after a Plasma TV had hit his head. Having Papa Hamilton slapping him into his face he would come back to life. Until 5:30 in the morning the party goes on with Kovalainen, Hamilton and his girlfriend Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger as well as the Finnish rockstars. After their stop at this Formula 1 event, they will continue to play a South American tour, before they return to Europe.

Crownless Phoenix:
dobro, ljudi vole f1 races :lol:

Vise Heikki voli njih nego sto oni vole F1


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