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ma znam
bre mislila sam na ono shto sam ja postovala u mom postu

pa da, sa jedne strane se zezao, a sa druge bio cinichan :roll:

tuomas-ova reakcija


Marcelo's idea about a vengenceful mentality is insane and without a link to reality.

Tarja and I had a very special relationship for about 15 years. We never during that time had anything resembling a romantic affair, as a matter of fact nothing along those lines ever happened. The whole thing is a pathetic attempt by a desperate man to gather some sympathy.

I have never commented the lyrics and I will not change that even in this situation. His interpretation is only one interpretation of the lyrics.

Everyone can believe what he/she wants, because this soap-opera will end here as far as I'm concerned.


Neko ovde laze...Toma ili Marcelo..

chek chek
ovaj kaze da se TOMICA lozio na TARJANA
a TOMICA kaze da MRCJA laze i da se on NIJE lozio na TARJU ili samo kaze da NIJE imao prilika da ostvari'blizi kontakt' sa TARJANOM?

ne ide mi Engleski
pevedite mi PLIZ :cry:


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